Welcome to Curio, Furniture Redesign in Oakland, California.  We are a re-upholstery, furnishings and design business addicted to all things that make a home beautiful and welcoming. We focus on keeping furniture out of landfills by reclaiming pieces left on the curb or giving a new life to clients' family heirlooms. We always encourage re-upholstering old furniture that has great bones to keep our waste down and our planet healthier.  

Newly made furniture should not be the default. We truly believe that great home design cannot be done in a day, it requires the old and the new, and has no rules. 


Our Story

I am Brittany Kramer, owner, upholsterer and interior stylist. In 2014, I moved back to the west coast after 8 years of living in Washington, D.C.  There, I ran Beautiful by Design, a home staging and design business. What I enjoyed most in that business was giving old and worn down furniture a new life. So, in the beloved East Bay of California, I have started a new chapter with Curio. My goal is not only to make beautiful spaces in homes, there are many professionals who already do this everyday, instead, I want to create spaces using furniture that was headed to a land fill or kicked to the curb. Sometimes these lonely pieces deserve a second or sometime a 9th life.